Online – Offline Status With CSS

The basic below CSS Styles shows the online/offline status .online, offline{ height : 8px; width :8px; border-radius : 50%; position : absolute; background-color : green; } .offline{ background-color : red; } <span class=”online”> Online</span> <span class=”offline”> Offline</span>

Change the table cell color based on the value with react

Below is the sample code for change the table cell color based on the value Sample code <style> .red{ background-color : red} .green{background-color : green} .orange{ background-color : orange} </style> <table> <tr> <td class='{ score >50 ? ‘green’ : score >35 ? ‘orange’ : ‘red’ }’>60</td> </tr>

How to use github in sublime text

Step 1 Install sublime text editor and setup in your system Step 2 Install package controller in sublime text by following step below Goto Tools Menu -> install Package Controller (or) Ctrl+shift+p and type install package controller Step 3 After installing package controller need to install Git Package Ctrl+Shift+p and type install package Serach for … Read more

Affiliate Marketing

There are more number of affiliate networks in india, usa and some other countries are using affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing ? Affiliate Marketing is nothing but selling products and services of other company to consumers. Affiliate Marketing is the biggest platform to earn money online by selling other company products.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing ? Digital Marketing is nothing but online marketing used to increase sales of the products and services of a company through online is called as digital marketing. It has different modules they are used to increase the sales of the products Digital Marketing Modules : Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing … Read more