Online – Offline Status With CSS

The basic below CSS Styles shows the online/offline status .online, offline{ height : 8px; width :8px; border-radius : 50%; position : absolute; background-color : green; } .offline{ background-color : red; } <span class=”online”> Online</span> <span class=”offline”> Offline</span>

Change the table cell color based on the value with react

Below is the sample code for change the table cell color based on the value Sample code <style> .red{ background-color : red} .green{background-color : green} .orange{ background-color : orange} </style> <table> <tr> <td class='{ score >50 ? ‘green’ : score >35 ? ‘orange’ : ‘red’ }’>60</td> </tr>

How to use github in sublime text

Step 1 Install sublime text editor and setup in your system Step 2 Install package controller in sublime text by following step below Goto Tools Menu -> install Package Controller (or) Ctrl+shift+p and type install package controller Step 3 After installing package controller need to install Git Package Ctrl+Shift+p and type install package Serach for … Read more